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Diversity in the workplace, workplace diversity, diversity Canada: monthly business publication, diversity training Canada : Toronto : Ottawa

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Apr '07 - In this Issue
‘The law of unintended consequences’: Part Two
The 'wonderful strength' of our immigrant workforce
The more things change...
What's in a name?
The sustainable aboriginal workforce
Equality not reality for women
10:1 JudyLynn Archer
FYI: Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
ETC: global news briefs
VIP: Ernst & Young
Becoming inclusive
Make your workplace accessible: Part 1
April '07
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Enjoy the latest edition of Diversity in the workplace online business and human resources newsletter. Diversity in the workplace by any other name is Canada at work. Diversity matters. Just read these pages.

Diversity! delivers Canadian news and news from around the globe. Plus practical and timely articles and ideas to help you manage workplace diversity successfully. Every month. The bottom line for those who want to know is this: diversity works. And diversity at the workplace matters. We are THE only Canadian human resources and online business publication dealing with diversity in the workplace.

‘The law of unintended consequences’: Part Two

Gaining employment in the Canadian workplace is only the first step in overcoming barriers faced by the country’s visible minority population.

This major finding has emerged from a poll of 6,000 managers, professionals and executives working in Canadian corporations and professional service companies. Challenges faced by visible minorities in landing employment don’t end there, according to the survey conducted by Catalyst Canada and the Diversity Institute in Management and Technology at Ryerson University...[ read more ]
The 'wonderful strength' of our immigrant workforce

Human resources professionals responsible for hiring and promotions for small and mid-sized Canadian companies will soon have the necessary tools to help them harness the often-wasted skills that immigrants offer their employers.

With close to $2.8 million in funding from the federal government and another $1.2 million in contributed services from a range of organizations, the University of Ottawa has launched a program aimed at getting skilled immigrants into jobs with small and medium-sized employers (SMEs) that match their qualifications better...[ read more ]
The more things change...

With the 2006 census showing that immigrants account for two-third of Canada’s population growth in the past five years, another new survey is suggesting that the more Canadians of all races interact with new immigrants, the better they all get along.

The reverse also appears to be true, according to the poll conducted among 2045 Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds. Those who don’t have much contact with new immigrants tend to believe newcomers don’t embrace Canadian values... [ read more ]
What's in a name

Is Canada’s entrenched use of the term “visible minority” racist? Or is it simply outdated.

A committee of the United Nations believes the phrase, incorporated in 1986 in Canada’s legislation aimed at battling racial discrimination, may unintentionally contravene an international treaty to battle racism. At the same time the Geneva-based UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination offered no alternative that might be more acceptable...[ read more ]
The sustainable aboriginal workforce

Employment opportunities in Western Canada may have improved for Canada’s aboriginal population, but there is still a pressing need for development of long-term career opportunities beyond entry-level and other low-level positions in labour.

Doug Dokis, manager of the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) welcomes a recent report from Statistics Canada that shows growing employment levels among the aboriginal population in the western provinces. The January report found employment of aboriginals increased 23 percent in western Canada between 2001 and 2005 and suggests there could be a promising future for this fastest-growing segment of the Canadian population... [ read more ]
Equality not reality for women

Ottawa appears to have reconsidered its decision last year to slash funding to “concrete” programs that advance the cause of women. Opposition MPs claim the move is politically motivated.

Bev Oda, minister responsible for the status of women, announced in March that “an additional $5 million” will be pumped into projects starting April 1, aimed at programs that will make a “concrete difference” in women’s lives. The government in 2006 slashed the same amount from the budget of Status of Women Canada...  [ read more ]
10:1 - JudyLynn Archer
CEO, Women Building Futures & The Fixit Chicks Inc.[ read more ]
FYI: Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
The Coalition is a partnership of community members, local government representatives, and other individuals interested in working collaboratively to affect positive change for persons with disabilities....[ read more ]
ETC: global news briefs
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, prime minister of Spain, pushed through a gender-equality bill aimed at getting more women into elected office and the corporate boardroom. Out of 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies, 192 supported the bill. 119 members of the conservative Popular Party abstained from the vote. Zapatero, a self-proclaimed feminist, declared, “Today is the first day of a different society.”...[ read more ]
VIP: Ernst & Young

Before 1917 there was no income tax. Before 1867 Canada was not a confederation. But before both these historical events, there were the roots of a company that would become Ernst & Young.

A.C. Ernst and Arthur Young have both been gone more than half a century but their standard for innovation and drive, sensitivity and concern, honesty and trust lives on. Or so it would seem. One doesn’t get into all seven editions of Canada’s Top 100 Employers—and be the only one of the Big Four accounting firms to achieve that—by accident...[ read more ]
Becoming inclusive
Every great journey begins with a single step. Before that first step, however, comes something else…the idea, the resolve, the vision of the journey. The vision may be instant, the result of a moment of truth; or, more likely, it may be a slow realization born out of a coming together of events, business demands, public complaints, or the competition's success at a certain challenge. While anyone in an organization can catch the vision of diversity as an asset or as an operating reality, in the hands of a leader, vision grows wings, takes flight and comes to rest at the feet of those equipped and empowered to make it reality...[ read more ]
Make your workplace accessible: Part 1

People with disabilities have skills, abilities and experience that can add value in your workplace. By opening up your search for talented employees and making your workplace accessible, you create a win-win situation. You find the right person for the job. You create a place where anyone can work and be productive—and you allow employees of all abilities to compete in the marketplace.

You may have to provide workplace accommodation for some employees. Many options available to you as an employer can be low-cost or no-cost. You may have to make some changes to workstations or provide an assistive device or assistive technology, but many changes are simple...[ read more ]
In Quotes
“From our perspective it just gives us a huge, powerful competitive advantage because when we’ve got flexibility and inclusiveness and you’re in a people-friendly environment…it can just bring out the best in everyone.”

~Bruce Goudy
Partner, Ernst & Young
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