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FYI   The Greater Halifax Partnership
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Is There Evidence to Suggest Diversity is Important?
March 2010
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FYI  The Greater Halifax Partnership
WHAT  A private-public model of investment that leverages every municipal economic tax dollar three times to build business confidence, secures business stability and growth, researches and reports economic trends, and removes roadblocks on behalf of business.  The organization describes itself as a “catalyst for economic growth.”...[ read more ]
ETC  global news briefs
Catalyst Canada is calling for nominations for the Catalyst Canada Honours ~ Celebrating Champions of Women in Business. The awards will pay tribute to the achievements of three champions—a CEO/Firm Leader, a Business Leader, and a Human Resources/Diversity Leader—who in their careers exemplify exceptional leadership around advancing women in their organizations, industries, and communities. The program hopes to inspire men and women leaders to step up and become champions themselves. The awards will be presented in October....[ read more ]
MVP  diversity champions
The 17th Annual National Aboriginal Achievement Awards were handed out recently to the following recipients; Kananginak Pootoogook (Arts), Ellen Melcosky (Business & Commerce), Tom Crane Bear (Culture, Heritage & Spirituality), Dr. Raoul J. McKay (Education), Danny Beaton (Environment & Natural Resources), Madeleine Kētēskwew (Health), Donald Worme (Law & Justice), William Commanda (Lifetime), Kenneth Atsenhaienton Deer (Media & Communications), Edith Cloutier (Public Service), Eric William Robinson (Politics), Monica Pinette (Sports), Doug Henry (Technology & Trades) and Shawenniio Barnes (Special Youth). For the complete details,[ read more ]
Ask a Consultant
Dear Diversity@Work:
I am a human resources manager working in a large manufacturing company.  Most of the employees are immigrants, and I am really finding it difficult to give them feedback on their performance.  It seems that I can tell the Canadian-born worker the same thing, but they don’t get argumentative or defensive when I do.  What could I be doing wrong?


Dear Stresed
You are not alone.  I have heard this experience repeated many times in different workplaces.  Their sensitivity to feedback or constructive criticism can possibly be explained in a number of ways.  I will suggest a few interpretations... [ read more ]
Is There Evidence to Suggest Diversity is Important?

As companies learn the importance of becoming a global competitor, it has led the way for new research and studies to be conducted in the area of diversity. Entire websites such as are devoted to bringing the issues to the forefront.

Diversity! In the workplace is a newsletter provided through the website that talks about the various issues dealing with diversity. Diversity!’s main message is to help companies lead by example within the global marketplace by incorporating diversity in an effective and practical manner. This publication models the argument of the paper that executives are still ignorant when it comes to diversity. Its attempt is to encourage leaders and executives to fully understand the importance of diversity... [ read more ]
In Quotes
“If an employee comes in and sees a person with a disability doing a job, doing a really good job, they’ll say ‘You know what? If they can overcome all that stuff, I should be able to even do more.’ They can be a motivating factor to make some change in the workplace."

Danny Brennan, entrepreneurial programs manager ~ Toronto Business Centre